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Aretanassa Hotel

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The Queen of Halki returns to stay in the most imposing building of Emporio. And it is sure that she likes it the most. Here they welcome her and they accept her.

She always remembers her last day at the palace, when she looked at Halki, its settlements, the temples, the forest on one side and the sea from the other, one last time before she was exiled to Karpathos. For some, the reason she left was that she refused to send ships against Troy, so her brother dethroned her. For others, however, the reason was her love for a man who was not suited for her. For him she was exiled, and committed suicide when she learned that he had lost his life.

"Aretanassa hotel" has a total of 19 rooms, all of which have a unique sea view: 1 single room, 12 double rooms, 5 triple rooms and 1 superior triple room (junior suite), even serving the needs of a four-member family. Two of its double rooms are specially designed and equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

The hotel "Aretanassa" has a unique cuisine of culinary delights and flavors in all of Halki. All the menus and choices we suggest have a Mediterranean identity and even meet the needs of those who are on a diet or vegetarians.

The day begins with an excellent breakfast (included in the room rate), and at noon one can choose from a selection of specific menu all made with fresh ingredients of high quality and nutritional value. Virgin olive oil, the aromas of Greek nature, the fine cheeses, the seasonal vegetables and the unique delicious island meats and of course, above all the seafood and fish, have their honor in our kitchen.

At “Aretanassa” there is also a bar, where guests and visitors of the island can enjoy drinks, cocktails, choices of Greek wines, etc., looking at the wonderful reflections in the sea and the lights of Emporio.

“Aretanassa Hotel” has only one mission: To make sure that the expectations of those who choose it as part of their vacation, are fulfilled.

It is the wish of our stuff your vacation to Halki, to “Aretanassa” be an experience of a lifetime, full of pictures of light and sea, tasty experiences, crystal clear waters, new emotions, relaxation, personal care and interest!





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